Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Paper Battery Will Immediately Attend

Paper one moment is later envisioned become battery to operate a number of electronic peripherals.
Now, scientists from Stanford University in California claim has succeeded create it.
One sheet of paper that arranged in layers ink from silver and carbon significant fairish very small become a "paper battery".

Take excess from recent paper technology, low its production cost, and energy depositor with quality high now is being realized by using conductive paper as the electrical current compiler and electrode," say scientists are referred as.
Paper Battery can run electrical or hybrid vehicle.
This The result of paper technology will will become product the most will in the future.

It's battery size and lifespan still become constraint in fulfilling energy for car and truck.
Society now clear growing require cheap battery, nevertheless that can keep high energy.

It's Battery of answer paper," say assistant of scientist group is referred as" Yui Cui".
Previous Research has been found also that a fairish cable very small applicable to lengthen battery power till 10 times over than batteries lithium-ion.
"Yui Cui" also promotes battery is referred as can be exploited for all electronic goods type and application that need high electricity and instan.

Peidong Who acts as chemistry professor in University of California-Berkeley, tell technology is referred as will launch soon.

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