Sunday, 27 December 2009

Firefox will launch application for celullar phone

In the reality Firefox do not want to fail with opera that many weared as the browser application in a celullar phone,now firefox also will launch its application to be used as the celullar phone browser.

Launching will be conducted at the end of in 2009 and Nokia N900 as the first peripheral that have this application.

Developer Company Firefox is informed is being in phase tes final to finish their design.

“At our duty account day, then we can avoid computer also come near our celullar phone,” say Jay Sullivan on one's part developer Mozilla Firefox.

“This new Firefox can encryption of all informations and sent pass by barrier between our computer and celullar phone,”

Mozilla also is developing newest version for Microsoft Windows Mobile and operating system Android.

Nevertheless for user iPhone must patient kick one's heels to be able to enjoy this browser is avaliable at in their bright celullar phone.

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PertamaXXX !!!

Nice Info Sob !!!

Wach mantap nich firefox bs dipasang diHP,I Laik Disss muuuaaaccchh xixixi...:D

nih dia bakal penggusur Opera mini hahahaha

Ini versi lama apa yg baru yaaa kalau yg lama Alhamdulillah saya dah makai selama kira2 dua tahunan

wow ... mantap ... ini yang aku tunggu ...

info sobat...sekalian mampir kasih komentar

wah makin canggih aj nich tehcnologi, mantaap rin infonya

mengalahkan opera mini dong,,,hehe

thx, pas bgt lg ditanyain adek, g taunya di sini ada jwbnnya.. saling kunjung yah. btw tuker link yah, link mu udah aku pasang neh, pasang link ku yah, thx

wah, waiting for google android, jadi diluncurkan ga ya?

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